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 Recommended age is 10 yrs old and above.

All jumpers require a completed online liability waiver.

STARTING JULY 6TH WE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW OR ACCEPT PAPER WAIVERS.  If you have a paper waiver and have not yet completed the online waiver, you must do so by July 6th in order to jump.

Under 18 MUST have Parent complete online waiver. 18+ must bring Photo ID.

Fill Out your Online Waiver ahead of time for quicker processing. 

AIRobics Success Stories!


Do you have a success story of your own that you’d like to share? Has AIRobics positively improved your health? Have you lost weight? Do you feel fantastic? We’d love to hear why you love this class and how it’s impacted your life!


Please ask you instructor how you can inspire others by telling your story!


Laura H., Sky High Sports Niles


Once fit enough to play ice hockey, Laura H. spent three years fighting a rare, debilitating illness. Read about her inspiring journey back to health and how she’s using AIRobics to regain the active lifestyle she once enjoyed.


34-year-old Laura is software engineer who grew up in the Chicago suburbs and always led an active lifestyle, even playing ice hockey twice a week.


In 2009, while working at her dream job in Austin, Texas, Laura suddenly fainted. Over the next few months, Laura blacked out randomly, sometimes once a day and sometimes multiple times a day. Doctors were baffled and ordered her have zero activity and, on days she had symptoms, bed rest.


Laura packed up her dog and left Austin to return to her parent’s home in suburban Chicago. They could care for her while she searched for answers with a team from Northwestern Memorial Hospital & later Mayo Clinic.


She saw a battery of doctors from different specialties. General practitioner? Check. GI? Check. Neurology? Check. ” To help form a diagnosis, a cardiologist implanted a tiny monitor in her chest wall which captured data during her “incidents.”


Finally, in 2012, she was diagnosed with an autonomic nervous system failure that was constantly triggering Vasovagal Syncope. VS is an otherwise harmless reflex that causes

one’s heart rate and blood pressure to drop suddenly, decreasing blood flow to the brain, resulting in loss of consciousness. Off she went to the Mayo Clinic for more tests….


That April, nearly three and a half years later, Laura went into surgery and came out with a state-of-the-art pacemaker, a Biotronik Evia, which detects pulse and blood pressure. If she was lucky, this pacemaker would sense the beginning of an episode and increase her pulse keeping enough blood flowing to her brain. If effective, it would stop a blackout in its tracks.


Laura was one of the lucky ones, and it worked like a charm. Since then, she’s had no symptoms at all and she’s on the road to regaining her healthy, active life. Her cardiologist told her to return to living her life “normally” and encouraged her to exercise, including participating in AIRobics at Sky High Sports.


Laura Says

After more than three years confined to bed, I felt like a noodle. Just walking my dog was a workout, but what a joy.


I noticed AIRobics on Sky High’s website and thought it would be fun if my sister-in-law and I to tried it together. AIRobics is weird and strange and hard for everyone because no one is used to coordinating his or her movements while on a trampoline. I love it!


On the trampoline court, it’s really a “no judgment zone.” My classmates have even applauded me because trying something really hard takes guts.


Even people who haven’t been stuck in bed rest for three years need to take breaks during class, sitting down on their trampoline squares to catch their breathe. I’m not judged and I don't stand out like a sore thumb the way I would in most group classes at gyms.

My sister-in-law and I love it so much we look forward to class. It's fun! We laugh and challenge ourselves, and each other, to keep it up.

The staff is awesome. I explained my story to Jake, the AIRobics instructor, so he’d understand why I did a few reps of everything but often had to sit. I wanted him to understand that I’m trying really hard, but it’s a process.


Jake was totally understanding and awesome. He checks in with me during class with a tilt of his head and I give him the thumbs up so we both know everything is good.


Laura’s Favorite AIRobics Move

The “Snake” is a move that I love because it’s challenging and takes a lot of endurance. I can’t quite get all the way through it during class. Yet! But after a recent class, Jake encouraged me to go for it. So, with my sister-in-law walking alongside cheering me on, I manage to finish a full Snake, touching every trampoline on the court.

Be Inspired

It’s a journey. Sometimes a slow journey, but I’ve come so far and if I can do it, so can you. Every day is better than the last and I can feel my strength building and endurance growing.


It feels incredible to be active and healthy again!


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